About John Gulius

Turf Manager & Lawn Management Specialist and Tennis Competitor

A Greenville, South Carolina resident, John Gulius serves as a turf manager at Southern Lawn and Landscape, LLC. He maintains a variety of lawn grasses free of pests and weeds and is tasked with preparing and seeding soil. John Gulius excels in turf rehabilitation and emphasizes the importance of balanced lawn nutrients combined with best mowing and irrigation practices.

John Gulius also has extensive knowledge of money management and financial investment strategies, focusing on retirement planning. From 2000 to 2004, he worked as an account executive at William O’Neil, Inc. in Los Angeles, and performed account analysis in the equity trading sphere. Responsible for technical assistance, he also ensured the proper delivery of print products across the globe.

Mr. Gulius is an avid tennis player who won the level 3.0 singles tennis championship at Tennisfest in 2011 and placed highly in subsequent competitions. Also a golf enthusiast, he excels at rock climbing and fishing and has rescued cats in his local community.